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The ATAP acquisition strategy also combined responsibility for all life cycle phases for these two demilitarization facilities--design, construction, systemization, operations, and closure--into a single system contract.
The franchisor can assist these efforts with the development of co-branded marketing and advertising material as well as the systemization of these tactics in the training and franchise support efforts.
The theme of reinvention becomes immediately obvious in the first chapter, which is concerned with Heidegger's confrontation with Aristotle, and whilst the systemization of the word logos will be familiar to readers of Heidegger what is less obvious is that by reinstating logos as related to speech a number of political implications are embedded into Heidegger's deployment of logos.
According to the company, the latest release of the solution enables operators to improve network coverage, quality of service and capacity, at the same time coupling the solution to enterprise capabilities of the Actix One platform for radio engineering systemization.
subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation (Kobe, Japan), is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemization and solutions, including clinical diagnostics, automation and information systems.
He argues that Renaissance natural history combined in various permutations the classical disciplines of medicine, natural philosophy, and agriculture, but the naturalists he describes self-consciously sought to elevate their own discipline into something more than a mere systemization of these ancient practices and ideas.
Adoption of a manufacturing mentality: Drives systemization of raw materials, tasks, production and information to lower costs, increase volume, profits and improve quality.
Benjamin has led the WFLO Institute through an extraordinary increase in registrations, pioneering the systemization of the classes into seven tracks, accreditation to award Continuing Education Units, and the addition of the textbook, the Senior Executive Panel, and the opening Excellence in Performance Seminar.
In this context, Crisafulli argues for an eclectic approach that seeks to take account both of poststructuralist valorization of difference rather than equivalence in translation and empirical systemization to argue for an eclectic 'historical empiricism' (p.
Ito has learned that not every company requires a high-level of systemization and automation.
Army's Pine Bluff Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (PBCDF) and its systemization contractor, Washington Group International, are coming down the home stretch toward full operation.
It is suggested that the objection of behavior analysts to Kantor's Interbehaviorism, pertaining to a perceived absence of dependency relations in his formulation, is a misunderstanding arising from the incomplete systemization of Behavior Analysis.