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While modern scholars do not have to admire Lope de Almeida's actions, they should at least recognize that within the literary conventions of the drama de honor, he is a conscientious and effective systemizer who dutifully discharges his social responsibilities towards his wife and his country.
Yet while Juan and Lope are both systemizers who understand the intricacies of this social model, they also recognize the existence of a second and even more powerful system that appears to be almost inscrutable.
has implemented the Systemizer scheme in various offices and departments throughout the school.
Clerical staff within departmental administrative offices working on stand-alone workstations now use Systemizers to share laser printers.
Nearly all of it, however, sidesteps Mel Bochner's 1967 avaunt-garde of impersonal systemizers, paying its dues instead to Lucy Lippard's signal redemption of Darboven's exploit in the name of an art that "comes directly from the artist's own needs and compulsions," to the indelible image she forged of the German artist's virtually pathological assiduousness and obsessiveness.
In another way it's to dive into the belly of the whale of Europe-you enter the land of problem-solvers and self-critics and maniacal systemizers, with big issues in their hands and on their minds.