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As shown above, the systemizer requires a level of detachment to understand and to organize his surroundings, which helps to explain why a lovesick soldier like Luis would not recognize his social responsibilities towards a gentleman like Lope.
While it would appear reasonable to object that Lope is not an effective systemizer because he embraces an honor code and a holy war that violate the basic tenets of Christianity (Valbuena Briones xliii; Holzinger 209; McKendrick "Anticipating" 224 and "Calderon and the Politics" 142-43), this interpretation reveals a modern rather than a contemporary social sensibility.
Whilst Baron-Cohen conceives of a single continuum from extreme systemizer to extreme empathizer, he acknowledges that the inter relationship of the two variables has yet to be fully understood.
Eight Systemizers were placed in the anesthesiology department more than two years ago, mainly to allow eight IBM XTs to share one laser printer.
Clerical staff within departmental administrative offices working on stand-alone workstations now use Systemizers to share laser printers.