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The Nitro engine in Safari 4 runs JavaScript 4.2 times faster than Safari 3.* Innovative new features that make browsing more intuitive and enjoyable include Top Sites, for a stunning visual preview of frequently visited pages; Full History Search, to search through titles, web addresses and the complete text of recently viewed pages; Cover FlowA, to easily flip through web history or bookmarks; and Tabs on Top, to make tabbed browsing easier and more intuitive."Apple created Safari to bring innovation, speed and open standards back into web browsers, and today it takes another big step forward," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.
As a result, Firefox in particular has carved a chunk out of IE's once-overwhelming market share.IE 7 offers tabbed browsing, which cures screen gridlock by letting you view multiple Web pages in one window, and a search shortcut at the top right that sends a query to your choice of search engines.
It also has many features that have long been available in Firefox, including a search box in the toolbar and tabbed browsing. Unlike the current version of Firefox, it includes anti-phishing functions that warn visitors before loading a suspicious website - not included, we assume.
Faster and safer than IE, it has tabbed browsing; you can bookmark sessions; it works on Windows, Macs, Linux, and cell phones; and the latest version has a prize in every box.
Most newer browsers have a host of features, including "tabbed browsing" and an RSS (really simple syndication) news reader.
Visual Tabbed Browsing The tabbed browsing feature in some alternative interact browsers displays multiple websites under tabs.
Tabbed browsing. Web browsers such as Firefox ( and Safari ( support tabbed browsing, which hides new pages in the background of the same window until you need them.
For example, "tabbed browsing" offered by Firefox and Opera allows teachers and students to designate groups of Web pages on topics of interest that open automatically when the browsers are launched.