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Canvases and throw pillows from the Los Angeles art decor studio Maxwell Dickson feature some arresting, edgy designs, including a photorealistic image of a tableful of empty liquor bottles, a typographic traffic jam of color-blocked letters, and the word ''POP'' exploding like a cartoon graphic.
But when the busboy came back with glasses, the blond had already taken off her silk blouse forcing a tableful of red-faced witnesses to look away.
More importantly for Rufus, how else could he feel secure in scoffing a tableful of food in a nanosecond on a nightly basis - there's no time for checking the hairy handlebar for hollandaise sauce in this show.
The recipes cover classic starters such as pakoras and popadoms, chutneys, breads and rice, side dishes and a groaning tableful of delicious main courses.
Sure, sitting around and filling my face with a tableful of tasty treats is reward enough, but the PLMA panel always includes a good mix of editors, experts and especially consumers.
Perhaps the crowning glory of Austrian cuisine is the mighty Tafelspitz, an entire tableful of dishes based around a tender cut of beef, gently poached, and served with an array of specific accompaniments.
At the Lane County Events Center, a traditional election-night gathering place, a tableful of supporters beamed at early results showing 65 percent approval - although the moment was eclipsed by a jubilant roar from the crowd as CNN reported Barack Obama had been elected president.
As Cameron has yet to actually DO anything concrete, Cockerell and a tableful of spin doctors instead review his slickly orchestrated PR campaign for his brandnew, nothing-like-the-old-one, caring, sharing, Conservative Party.
One can imagine the appreciative chortles of a tableful of Old Etonians and Harrovians.
The monster crew tucked into a tableful of goodies, ate birthday cake and had fun with a karaoke session.