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To make a lemon dressing, take one tablespoonful of lemon juice and three tablespoonfuls of olive oil, season and add a pinch of sugar, then whisk together.
2g powder of dried flower is mixed with 1 tablespoonful of water and taken once daily for 3 days as remedy for dysentery.
half a gill of rice [about two tablespoons] and a tablespoonful of vinegar!!" After devouring this "extraordinary superabundant donation," the still-famished soldiers "were ordered out to ...
But the amounts pale in comparison to what's in an ounce of walnuts, one tablespoonful of flax meal or three ounces of salmon.
Sprinkle a tablespoonful of wheat grains over the cotton wool.
One tablespoonful contains just 25 calories and 6 grams of carbs.
I really feel for people who come so hungry and they get only a tablespoonful in their bowl.
A tablespoonful contains a 300 mg dose of Neptune Krill Oil "NKO" with natural fruits and no added preservatives, sugar or artificial flavors.
WHEN WE make predictions, we usually take a hard look at current realities, consider what might improve them, and stir in a heaping tablespoonful of hope for what we'd like to see.