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Indeed the tabular system could have had a negative effect on the use of herd improvement technologies such as genetic and genomics.
Unlike extra-tabular usurpation, for the tabular one, the pre-existence of registration of usurpator's right in the land book is a prerequisite, but not with the title that was the basis for registration being valid.
Mapping Tabular Data by Linking (Joining) to a GIS Layer with the Same Geographic Variables:
Taxpayers should be permitted to present the data in the less-condensed Form 5471 format on an attached tabular schedule to Form 8858 in the first instance
We created GIS databases for tabular and spatial queries to address the following research questions: a) Of children born in 1995 and screened for lead exposure in 1996-1997, what percentage lived in housing built before 1950?
The Internet-based Prospector Web database has for many years been a source for tabular data on the physical, mechanical, and agency data on more than 35,000 thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomer, and compounded resins that provides plastics professionals with the information required to make more sound materials-selection decisions.
According to Khait, SSSE produces powders suitable for blending with virgin TABULAR DATA OMITTED TABULAR DATA OMITTED resins in a variety of applications, including pipe extrusion, rotational molding, powder coating, and compounding.
dollar relative to the currencies of major trading partners TABULAR DATA OMITTED makes U.
This attitude causes two problems: First, audiences squinting at tabular data and call, outs aren't listening.
Each successive monomer is "intimately dispersed" within the matrix TABULAR DATA OMITTED polymers, Galli writes.