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The aim of this paper is to test the following hypotheses: (1) the endosymbiotic worms occurred only in certain host species; (2) the infestation rates are host-specific; (3) endosymbionts preferred a certain type of tabulate morphology (heliolitid versus favositid); (4) the number of infested tabulate species in the coral reef and reef-related community changes over time; (5) the infestation rate of coral species changes with time.
Parkhurst and James [79] tabulate zonal polynomials of order 1 through 12 in terms of sums of powers and in terms of elementary symmetric functions.
Efforts to tabulate knots began about 120 years ago, after British physicist Lord Kelvin hypothesized that atoms could be described as vortices in the ether, an intangible fluid then thought to fill all space.
The agency did not tabulate how many comments came from members of the industry.
Hart InterCivic's proven eSlate System combines voting equipment that is highly intuitive, durable, accessible and secure with comprehensive election management software used to create ballots, tabulate and report votes, and manage equipment inventory and data.
While retailers continue to tabulate their holiday sales totals, some said Tuesday that preliminary results indicated they were meeting and in some cases exceeding expectations.