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To reduce the complexity of the task, we tabulate migration probabilities for yearly intervals only and make the expedient assumption that the rating migration probabilities for any liquidation horizon that falls between years can be approximated by some interpolation rule.
This tome tabulates thousands of family histories from Anglican parish registers reconstituted under the auspices of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure.
The tabulating machine tabulates the number of policies, amount of insurance, annual premium, premium payable,--either annually, semi-annually or quarterly,--and deferred premium, according to the various subdivisions into which they are sorted; prints the detail of the classifications, as well as the totals, all the while recording restorations in red ink and cancellations in black ink.
This paper tabulates the correlation of Virginia's English performance expectations with Virginia's 2010 English standards of learning.
Additionally, Titlevest's site also provides a closing cost calculator, the first of its kind that tabulates the hard to identify charges added to the price of a transaction, like title insurance premiums, transfer taxes, mansion taxes, and fees to record deeds and do mortgage searches.
A superficial introductory section tabulates countries by, for instance, GDP per head, and an obscure measure of 'environmental sustainability'.
"Your site tabulates the new cost that they agree to, and they receive their new coverage," Abraham said.
Year 2000: State Compliance Efforts describes the problem and tabulates the results for the 27 states that responded to the survey.
(He also includes a handy appendix which tabulates much of the national-level data.)
The mortgage calculator tabulates the costs through a set of variables and formulas and arrives at a specifically tailored estimate.
At this stage of the process, an architect tabulates the total number of employees, and working with management, projects for expansion or contraction.