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Ernst and Young tabulated the list of the top ten Miss USA finalists after the swimsuit competition was completed and then tabulated the list of the final five Miss USA finalists after the evening gown competition was completed.
The survey also tabulated responses to questions regarding holidays and vacations, retirement plans, life insurance, sick leave and pay differentials per shift.
Beyond the immediate destruction and death caused by the December 2004 Asian tsunami, the economical and environmental impacts are only beginning to be tabulated.
The correlation of numbers has only recently begun across the American nation; previously such statistics were tabulated only by individual states.
Pearson and Hartley [2] tabulated, to 5D, f(x) for p = 0.
LePatner, founding partner of LePatner & Associates, said, "While the survey revealed an overall industry consensus, the tabulated results followed a classic bell curve that cut across the occupational spectrum.
reported a fourth-quarter profit of $94 million (US), and for the year, tabulated a profit of $194 million.
Features of the optional PC software include data collection, analysis and storage, the ability to adjust instrument parameters, data are tabulated or graphed by reaction force, stress relaxation or force retention, statistical analysis and storage of jig data, including operator identification, according to the company.
Whether you are returning the ballot mailed to you or one from the Web site, you must fold the ballot to fit into the envelope to mail it in (folded ballots will be tabulated and folding will not affect the validity of your ballot).
The GSR is tabulated by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics )WSTS) organization, which represent some 70 companies.
It's hard to say, since hardly anyone's tried to tabulate the relevant data or, for that matter, to decide just how the data should be tabulated.