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Nobody was allowed into that tabulation room at all.
The top ten polluters, according to Maplecroft's tabulation, are: China, US, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Iran.
The tabulation spreadsheet also can be used to provide a written reminder of special instructions from donors, such as a member's desire to place his or her third contribution of each month in a memorial fund.
Contract award: "the preparation of cadastral documentation necessary tabulation of state owned land, under the administration of the ministry of transport (mt) and leased by the national railway company (cncf)" cfr "sa, registering their land books and establish local neighborhoods, land located in the administrative - territorial units that are scheduled works projects to rehabilitate the railway line - 3 lots.
The Census Bureau has produced this tabulation about the labor force after every census since the 1970s.
Central Election Commission Chair Akylbek Sariev attempts to protract the process of tabulation of results of the parliamentary elections so that major parties will reach some agreement, believes Jashasyn Kyrgyzstan party leader Toktaim Umetalieva.
One of the proposals recommended by the rules committee Wednesday would require a separate tabulation of Republican and Democratic votes for GOP and Democratic Party presidential candidates.
Based on the final tabulation and certification by IVS Associates, Target shareholders have elected to the Target Board of Directors all four of the company's incumbent director nominees - Mary N.
Results achieved as of March 2013 include : Elections Canada provided technical assistance to the Vote Tabulation Centre during the six-month long electoral period (2010/2011).
The tabulation consists of 107 tables about the labor force crossed by sex, race and ethnicity.
Senior Housing Properties Trust (NYSE: SNH) announced the preliminary tabulation of votes at its annual meeting held earlier today, as follows:
results achieved as of march 2012 include : elections canada provided technical assistance to the vote tabulation centre during the six-month long electoral period 2010/2011).