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While the tabulation was going on, Bongbong and his sister, now Ilocos Norte Gov.
2 illustrates the relationship of the calculated illumination at a single point, to the information provided in the Candela Tabulation.
Using a similar strategy and with the help of computers, Hoste, Weeks, and Thistlethwaite produced independent tabulations of knots with 16 or fewer crossings.
But speakers at a recent session on security and auditability of electronic vote tabulation systems [1] pointed out that the Federal Election Commission has provided only voluntary voting system standards that may not be adequate to ensure election integrity.
The purpose of this RFI is to aid the counties in preparing the necessary planning documents to seek funding appropriation for the replacement of the existing tabulation systems.
The top ten polluters, according to Maplecroft's tabulation, are: China, US, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Iran.
The City of Sacramento (City) is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to print, assemble and mail 140,000 election ballots and provide tabulation services of returned ballots for a Proposition 218 Storm Drainage mail-ballot election.
The preparation of an offering tabulation spreadsheet begins with an alphabetical listing of contributors and their corresponding identification numbers.
Tenders are invited for Printing and Supply of following pre-printed computer stationery items- Tabulation Class -X,Colour - Red,Tabulation Class -XII Colour - Blue,Blank EZR 10x12x1,Blank EZR 15x12x1,Blank EZR 15 x 12x2
Central Election Commission Chair Akylbek Sariev attempts to protract the process of tabulation of results of the parliamentary elections so that major parties will reach some agreement, believes Jashasyn Kyrgyzstan party leader Toktaim Umetalieva.