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Implied, inferred, understood without being expressly stated.

Tacit refers to something done or made in silence, as in a tacit agreement. A tacit understanding is manifested by the fact that no contradiction or objection is made and is thus inferred from the situation and the circumstances.


adjective allusive, assumed, connoted, implicit, implied, indicated, inferential, inferred, not openly exxressed, silent, suggested, symbolized, tacitus, taken for granted, undeclared, understood, unexpressed, unpronounced, unsaid, unspoken, unstated, untold, unvoiced, wordless
Associated concepts: tacit approval, tacit consent
See also: allusive, constructive, covert, implicit, implied, indirect, undisclosed


created or having effect by operation of law, rather than by being directly expressed.

TACIT. That which, although not expressed, is understood from the nature of the thing, or from the provision of the law; implied.

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On the issue of applying the tacit consent doctrine, the Tax Court leaves the door open, if only a little way.
2014) also state that tacit KS practices enhance firm's financial performance when it is linked to cost reduction, customer management, sales and outsourcing.
In tacit knowledge spreading progress, a contact between an employee who has acquired a tacit knowledge with tacit knowledge sharing intentions and an employee without tacit knowledge can lead to the spread of this knowledge.
In her book, Sharing Hidden KnowHow, (3) Katrina Pugh of Columbia University advocates the concept of the "Knowledge Jam" to guide the movement of tacit to explicit knowledge.
Tacit knowledge can be reflected in the process of learning from experience and then applying it; it is action oriented, and helps individuals to achieve goals they personally value.
The traditional starting point for analysing knowledge is Polanyi's (1966) distinction between codified and tacit knowledge.
Wikipedia (2007) defines tacit knowledge as "knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing or verbalizing.
There are multiple processes to capture tacit knowledge from technical experts with undocumented know-how, but in my opinion they all come down to planning and prioritization.
Tacit knowledge is regarded as the dimension of knowledge that is difficult to express in words and includes aspects such as personal experiences, which are rooted in individual actions and informed by ideals, values, subjective insight, intuitions and hunches (experiential knowledge).
Integrating the notions of tacit knowledge, gut feeling, dynamic capabilities and time into research on effectuation would add an important dimension to the effectuation theory literature and provide a useful and interesting way of explaining the role of managers involved in effectuation at different levels of analysis.
If this internalized tacit knowledge is effectively codified and entered into knowledge management or expert systems, does the organization effectively minimize the value or the originator of this knowledge and potentially render this person redundant?
The refreshments served to the Chancellor and the bankers were presumably different, but like the Social Contract of that time, Project Merlin is a tacit admission that it is now the City of London and the big banking institutions that wield the economic power in the land and can hold the country to ransom.