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Implied, inferred, understood without being expressly stated.

Tacit refers to something done or made in silence, as in a tacit agreement. A tacit understanding is manifested by the fact that no contradiction or objection is made and is thus inferred from the situation and the circumstances.


adjective allusive, assumed, connoted, implicit, implied, indicated, inferential, inferred, not openly exxressed, silent, suggested, symbolized, tacitus, taken for granted, undeclared, understood, unexpressed, unpronounced, unsaid, unspoken, unstated, untold, unvoiced, wordless
Associated concepts: tacit approval, tacit consent
See also: allusive, constructive, covert, implicit, implied, indirect, undisclosed


created or having effect by operation of law, rather than by being directly expressed.

TACIT. That which, although not expressed, is understood from the nature of the thing, or from the provision of the law; implied.

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This is done through articulating the ways an expert gameplayer (Tue) is acting, experiencing and thinking tacitly with the game material through using his hands during a scripted game-instance (or raid) in World of Warcraft.
While liberalism purports to maintain neutrality on the question of ultimate good, it tacitly imposes as the ultimate good its own authoritative conception of that neutrality and the restrictive procedures for securing it.
In a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today, Minister of State of Home Affairs Jitendra Singh said: "It is a fact that the CPI (Maoist) tacitly allow poppy or ganja cultivation in order to collect money from such illegal cultivation.
One cannot deny that enacted laws have a moral grounding without tacitly denying that there exists a natural law.
Geneva diplomats say that member governments have now tacitly agreed to strike a deal by the end of June, that would clear the way for the WTO's Doha Development Round to be wrapped up by Christmas.
More moderate Islamist groups oppose this view and tacitly agree to work within existing political systems.
Ironically, as the differential between her sculpture and her self-portraits suggests, the process of ascribing a masculine or feminine character to suggestively arranged food is not so far removed from the way patriarchal templates tacitly order everyday life.
During Karimov's visit to Washington last March, White House spokesman Scott McClellan tacitly admitted that Uzbekistan is one of the regimes to which the Bush administration has outsourced interrogation of terrorist suspects.
Tacitly accepting the war's continuation, MoveOn declined to take a stand against the essence of congressional backing for the war--the money that keeps paying for it.
But tacitly, at least, Wagoner also conceded the inevitable: GM would no longer try at all costs to remain the world's biggest automaker.
By allowing these zones the authorities are tacitly saying to women that it is OK to sell your body for money.
If this wishful thinking is why Republican moderates plan to vote for Bosh despite his record of failure--which the authors tacitly acknowledge by indicating that Bush would govern differently given a secured chance--then I am disappointed beyond measure.