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The book is enlivened by the extensive collection of photographs, letters, and contemporary documents that accompany the text, helping to give readers a personal glimpse of a man who was known for being taciturn, if not outright stand-offish.
hairiest customer ever had also been the most taciturn.
The taciturn star spoke briefly about his collapse, according to the BBC, telling the sell-out crowd: "The doctor said I shouldn t smile.
A major book on the Iraq war described David McKiernan as "taciturn and unflappable"--qualities for which George Patton was not famous.
As Orren works to save the farm from drought, Aloma struggles with loneliness and tries to find her way in a combative, erotically charged relationship with a grieving, taciturn man.
As she ages, she holds on more and more tightly to the mental illusion that her life is different from her taciturn reality.
Peter and his taciturn, hard-drinking father Tomas are woodcutters who live on the outskirts of the village of Chust.
For 16 percent, God presides over the universe like a taciturn judge, ...
It would have been hard to predict, from images alone, that the location of the project is in Texas, generally thought of as a hot, dry and taciturn sort of place.
Godel, as she portrays him, is a taciturn intellectual "a man who speaks only when spoken to and then only about mathematics," whose delusions and paranoia eventually drive him to madness.
He described Naruse as a taciturn and thoroughly intimidating presence.
Moreover, Charley's own taciturn nature--which led courts and observers at the time to conclude that he felt no remorse--creates additional challenges for the scholar to explain his actions.