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Her secrets disincline her from inquiring too closely into the affairs of her youngest boarder, Alex, although his taciturnity and easy embarrassment suggest a story waiting to be told.
Marthe's pitiful attempts to discuss politics and to borrow authority by parroting the words of others infuriate him and push him further into his entrenched and isolating taciturnity (21).
These baffle and even annoy Hannele--"There he was, a continuous blank silence in front of her" (Fox 83), she reflects early in the novella--but she later recognizes his taciturnity as a source of his uncanny allure: "He seemed to have so much silent male passion in him" (Fox 105).
Kapferer (1990) cited in Hooper (2001) lists "egalitarianism, independence, physical endurance, doggedness, taciturnity, loyalty, resistance to oppression, fortitude and perhaps a naive faith in humanity" (p.
Over two decades, Khamenei built himself a persona as a pious recluse cultivating taciturnity as an art.
Archives, however, are not a given, but constructed historically; they reflect particular relations of authority, the unequal resources by which the archival voice is produced, the fuller documentation--to make a very obvious point--of prolixity and not taciturnity.
Eugene's sense of production enunciates his stance as a capitalist, from time to time, as he brings a new product home from his factories to be assessed by his reticent family who have become so dopey in their pathetic state of taciturnity, created by his phallocentricism.
Portrayed through Billie Jo's perspective, the father's taciturnity is not noble but borders on selfish.
I wonder if Gerrard has talked to Barry about Benitez's rigidity, his taciturnity with his players, his distaste for the sort of cavalier football that has illuminated so much of Villa's play last season.
The boy is bewildered by these new surroundings and by the old man's taciturnity and standoffishness.
Walsh captures both the laconic style of the woman relating the tale and the taciturnity of the two men involved--the man for whom the young woman worked as housekeeper and the husband-to-be this employer arranges for her to marry.
This is helped by an occasional taciturnity on any deviation from it, even within Malaysia: for instance where Milner virtually brushes aside the constitutional crises of 1984 and 1992 (pp.