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Our objective was to provide detailed observations of the nesting biology of Arremon taciturnus, and to compare it with the available information for this and other species of the genus.
taciturnus varied greatly between nests, ranging from immaculate pinkish glossy white to glossy white lightly or heavily spotted with brown speckles.
taciturnus appears to be similar to other Arremon members, based on the longest observed incubation period, which incubate between 15 and 17 days (Skutch 1954, Martin 2002).
angolensis T, C 5 Arremon taciturnus C Cardinalidae (2) Saltator maximus T 1 Cyanocompsa cyanoides 1 Parulidae (1) Phaeothlypis fulvicauda 2 Icteridae (3) Psarocolius bifasciatus 1 Cacicus cela T, C 1 2 Molothrus oryzivorus Fringillidae (2) Euphonia chlorotica T E.