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Naow we'll take a-holt o' the tackles an' h'ist 'em in.
Carefully carrying his fishing tackle, he was already making his way back to the mainland across a bridge of flat stepping-stones a little way down the shallow stream; then he veered round, coming toward his guests and civilly saluting them.
I rather specialize in tackle, as a matter of fact.
A moment later the boarding tackle dropped from the keel of the Thuria, and from a dozen points along either side stout, knotted leathern lines trailed downward.
We loaded tackles and ropes, water, food and ammunition in it, and then we each implored Billings to let us be the one to accompany him.
Well, tra la, and if you tackle Latin, Martin, I won't have any respect for you.
Another boat had been lowered by one end, and still hung in the tackle by the other end, where it had been abandoned.
His brother seated himself under a bush, arranging his tackle, while Levin led the horse away, fastened him up, and walked into the vast gray-green sea of grass unstirred by the wind.
And you'd find your father rather a tough customer in argeyment, Joe, if anybody was to try and tackle him,' said Parkes.
You wouldn't much like to tackle him in argeyment, I'm thinking, sir.
Tarzan, however, had no mind to allow the use of this formidable weapon and so he dove for the other's legs beneath the vicious cut that was directed at him from the side, and as a football player tackles an opposing runner, Tarzan tackled his antagonist, carrying him backward several yards and throwing him heavily to the roof upon his back.
When yeh tackles me yeh tackles one of deh bes' men in deh city.