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With the data collection in the medical centre, it was sometimes unclear whether the injured player was the tackler or the ball carrier during the tackle event.
Front-on tackles were coded when the anterior body parts of the ball-carrier were contacted first by the primary tackler (Quarrie & Hopkins 2008), whereas side-on tackles were identified when the lateral body parts (on either side) of the ball-carrier were contacted first by the primary tackler (Quarrie and Hopkins, 2008).
He says: "If I'm top tackler again it means we've had to do too much defending.
Our tackler was blocked by one of their decoy runners.
With Lee Bowyer, he is a tough tackler, but does he want to hurt people?
Lock Stuart Grimes said: "Jason is certainly the hardest tackler I've played with but it is a great asset to have on your side, particularly here where it is a very physical game.
Although she uses private homes for the most part, Tackler said she can always use interesting office space, "especially conference rooms with available light.
Takeo Spikes is a dominant tackler and speed demon.
The tackler will be restricted in what he can do after completing the tackle.
everytime a tackler makes contact with an opponent''s shoulder.
Top tackler and grafter awards went to the team, with most improved to Rushworth and Drennan.
ARSENE WENGER will be tempted to dial 999 before Arsenal take on the top tackler today.