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Panthers Niamh Ennis and Lewis Boothroyd put in good tackling efforts in a closely fought second half, with the coach's man of the match won by Crosby and top tackler was Myers.
Herrold (6-foot-3, 235 pounds) was the team's third-leading tackler in 2011 with 66 total tackles, 3.
On 51 minutes, the mercurial Ben MacPherson weaved his way in between two would-be tacklers before sliding over the line and again Vasey got the conversion.
Four plays later, Kyle Ochoa (Van Nuys) connected on a screen pass with Hidalgo, who broke away from two potential tacklers and sprinted down the left sideline for the touchdown.
British Bulldogs-The Rules:1 The group of participants is split into 'runners' and 'tacklers' 2 To begin with, one person is designated a tackler 3 The rest of the group are designated runners 4 The group of runners charge en masse at the lone tackler - the tackler's aim is to stop a runner on each charge by tackling him 5 When a runner is caught, they become a tackler 6 The aim of the game is to be the only runner left - the Last Man Standing
But, as they see tacklers coming in they don't prepare their bodies to try and avoid the impact.
Charlton's Republic of Ireland international Mark Kinsella ties with Winterburn as the Premiership's top tackler with a success rate of 78 per cent from his 69 challenges made this season.
A deceptive runner can juke and jive a would-be tackler right out of his socks if he can get that one-on-one, head-on angle of attack.
Forster was pushed over by two Bradford tacklers,''" raged Dorahy.
Top tackler and player of the match was Joe and most improved player went to Edward.
d) several players with the potential to take the ball forward through tacklers to give the whole side momentum forwards.
The traditional scheme had the front linemen retreating 15 to 20 yards on the kickoff to set up the wedge - but also give the oncoming tacklers (on the kick-off team) a lot of field and time to gain enough momentum to level the blockers (just starting to move forward) and nail the return man inside the 25-yard line.