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Tackles were made fast and lines flung to the men, who scrambled aboard like monkeys.
Let go that foreboom tackle and pass it across, and when she's willing let go the sheet and come in snug with the tackle.
He slipped it through a loop of rope at the dory's bow, caught Dan's tackle, hooked it to the stern-becket, and clambered into the schooner.
I reckon maybe we'll tackle the old tree that's over yonder on Cardiff Hill back of the widow's.
We'll tackle the ha'nted house if you say so -- but I reckon it's taking chances.
SS Eddie Pleasant had three solo tackles and an interception for Houston.
The 6-foot-2, 195-pound Martinec made 115 tackles for the Tigers before he was hampered by a knee injury that ended his season after just seven games.
Front-on and side-on tackles that occurred during each match were then coded using Sportscode Elite (Version 6.
O'Brien led the way in terms of tackles (23) and carries (12) for Ireland in their eight-point 6 Nations win.
In the last five seasons, the average amount of tackles per game has fallen from 48 to 41.
Players who make tackles with their head down risk paralysis.
The only problem is, to tackle the quarterback, defensive linemen have to mow past his "bodyguards" -- big, brawny tackles who tip the scales at more than 300 pounds.