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Instead of tackling this, the CEO was allowing underperformance to sprint down the field.
Severe spinal injuries can occur when a player uses improper tackling and blocking techniques, or when a running back runs with his head down into a tackler.
The new sin bin rule has left referees wide open for criticism in their interpretation of tackling.
Campbell's Chunky Soup today announced a partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF), declaring November National Tackling Hunger Month.
Tackling poverty is one of six priorities in the plan.
Terry Butcher knows a thing or two about tackling - and he knows a bad one when he sees it.
McNabb and Hasselbeck will be joined by their moms in Miami to announce a soup-er donation on behalf of the "Campbell's Chunky/NFL Tackling Hunger" program - one million cans of soup to food banks nationwide
Brown immediately launched a rigorous defence of his coaching and his players' tackling technique.
Mullins was paralyzed when he broke his neck tackling Vanderbilt tailback Brad Gaines and died 18 months later on May 6, 1991, in a Memphis, Tenn.
It is almost impossible to trap because of the threat of the linebackers running through and tackling the back in the backfield.
Campbell's Chunky soup has been a proud sponsor of the NFL for 9 years and for the past two seasons, Campbell's Chunky soup and the NFL have teamed up with professional tailgater Joe Cahn to raise awareness for hunger and assist communities across America by generating important food donations as part of the Campbell's Chunky/NFL Tackling Hunger(TM) program.
It's hard out there tackling, and (fighting off) blocks is probably the hardest thing,'' Havner said.