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The physical challenge is still there but tactically it's much different.
McStay might have the edge on Rochford tactically..
Joe was quicker but tactically I think Yossi is better."
"For us we saw the next appointment as having to be somebody of world-class status, a man with a strong personality, a vastly experienced coach, a person used to handling big players, big matches and big in-match situations, a man who is tactically astute, tactically adaptable, with a proven pedigree, a mature individual who can handle a big job with the pressures that go with it.
They are better than us tactically, much cleverer than us and they probably went to better schools than we went to, where I am sure they all learned about football.
He's forward-thinking, he's good tactically, he has contacts from Bensham to Baghdad and he's passionate."
"Tactically we have to be a lot smarter in the game and there needs to be more time spent between the team and me," said Henderson.
Neither coach is likely to give much away tactically.
The only problem with that, is that Jones conceded his set of forwards - which dominated against New Zealand - were not as tactically smart or technically proficient as England.
'She was so tactically strong and it was a superb display which made it hard for the Swedes after that.'
"It won't be any easier for United this time because they are still tactically inferior to European clubs," says Boksic, pictured above, the Croat signed by European champions Juve as a replacement for Fabrizio Ravanelli.
The former Republic of Ireland assistant manager claims Martin O'Neill's men are tactically inept.

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