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Industrial tactile sensors have been developed by Weiss (WeiB & Worn, 2005) but they are not flexible and have low resolution, 6x14 cells in 2.
Primary students were more auditory and visual, and less tactile and kinesthetic than their secondary counterparts who were very low auditory, less visual, more tactile and more kinesthetic than their younger counterparts.
One of the chief aims of iDrive--as well as a number of other systems with tactile feedback components that are beginning to emerge--is the reduction of driver distraction through the transfer of some informational load from the visual to the tactile.
For instance, Stein and his coworkers have demonstrated that tactile and visual information converge from different directions on the superior colliculus, a midbrain region packed with multisensory cells.
Tactile Systems is positioned to address this trend.
Used by leading producers and sound designers in studios around the world, SubPac technology has become the industry standard in tactile bass for music professionals and enthusiasts.
Smith and Smothers (2012) conducted a content analysis of 10 mathematics and science textbooks, amounting to a review of a total of 598 tactile graphics.
The double-action design provides extremely good and sharp tactile feedback on both actions.
This new technology proposes the achievement of Audio-Tactile products (AT), based on an original patented idea which is in essence, a set of books, folders, boards and tiflo-pedagogical spatial objects supplementary equipped with audio-tactile devices, with the purpose of generating and stimulating multi-sensorial processes of cognition, tactile and auditory for the persons with major sight deficiency especially for small children under school age and schoolchildren.
Among the tactile nerve cells in the mole embryo's star, those from the foveal rays are the first to become active, reach the cortex, and take up space in the brain, Catania reports in the April NATURE NEUROSCIENCE.
The realization arises not only that the optical and all else is built upon the brutely tactile, but also that the very movement to and fro before the surfaces of abstraction, whether to take pleasure in them, to write their history or to deconstruct them, whether to constitute or take apart their transcendent illusions, is the movement of the body, and so necessarily involves the demands, desires, and drives of the bodily, and its sexing as well - precisely that which abstraction, or rather the theory and criticism of abstraction, had sought to expunge.
Other solutions include a talking bus stop system; a tactile map that contains a three-dimensional model and a series of a audiotape messages, assorted tactile and electronic guiding systems; partitions on bus and rail platforms; and the use of a tactile marker to indicate exactly where one can board a bus.