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Results thus confirm findings on the influence of auditory stimuli on tactile perception [10].
Table 2 represents our classification (Stamatis, 2005), keeping in mind that the tactile perception of objects results from the combined activity of the individual tactile channels (Granit, 1975).
As the flooring industry is international and export-oriented, the investigations of the tactile perception in different geographic regions of the world could be explored as there could be differences between cultural regions.
Furthermore, in two studies, a well-defined tactile perception factor was found (see Moehle et al.
Some examples of specific topics covered include a behavioral adaptation approach to identifying visual dependence of haptic perception, the relationship between haptic feedback and force skill learning, tactile perception of rotational sliding, an infrared thermal measurement system for evaluating model-based thermal displays, design guidelines for wave variable controllers in time delayed telerobotics, transparent rendering of tool contact with compliant environments, incorporating geometric algorithms in impedance- and admittance-type haptic rendering, user perception and preference in model mediated telemanipulation, and a haptic/acoustic application to allow the blind access to spatial information.
I wanted the students to strengthen their awareness of contour, form and texture, and to also enrich their tactile perception.
Compared to vision, the psychology and psychophysics of tactile perception remain relatively unexplored.
Tactile perception of textured surfaces: Effects of temporal frequency on perceived roughness by passive touch.
Both phonological awareness and tactile perception play an important role in the process of learning to read braille.
Tactile perception addressed three main points: comfort, safety, and functionality.
This unique way of gripping the Chinese calligraphy brush allows him to use his tactile perception to confirm the amount of ink on the pen and, simultaneously, to control the movement and direction of the bristles as he paints.