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In contrast, thick-soled shoes do compromise tactile sensitivity when you're walking, the researchers said.
Workers will enjoy excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity, thanks to the textured fingertips.
Limitations of this study included the number of patient participants with readily detectable calculus deposits, potential rater recall of the calculus deposits on the patient participants' teeth, and rater fatigue which may have affected tactile sensitivity. Future studies should investigate calculus evaluation utilizing other UI designs, measure the efficacy of UI calculus detection with varying amounts of calculus, and determine whether clinical experience, (dental hygiene students versus experienced clinicans), affects calculus detection using UIs.
Tactile sensitivity of the healthy hand did not correlate with the rebound strength in the UH to tactile stimulation at any time point.
Seven domains (tactile sensitivity, taste/smell sensitivity, movement sensitivity, under-responsive/seeks sensation, auditory filtering, low energy/weak, and visual/auditory sensitivity) reflect how the child's nervous system responds to incoming sensory information.
At 10 weeks (four weeks after cessation of treatment), not all groups showed a reduction in tactile sensitivity from baseline, with Colgate Cavity Protection showing a 6% increase in sensitivity.
Patients usually present with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the manifestations of which range from pain perception due to a stimulus that does not normally provoke pain (allodynia) to total loss of sensation, especially tactile sensitivity (anesthesia).
High tactile sensitivity, enhanced rip and tear resistance, easy availability and low cost are the merits of the non-powdered disposable gloves.
Manufactured from an advanced material formulation, these lightweight yet highly durable and chemical-resistant gloves provide superior tactile sensitivity, elasticity, and tensile strength combined with added softness for comfort and reduced hand fatigue.
The glazes are influenced by the culture of the materials, the visual and tactile sensitivity typical of Asia, where the surfaces are fine, treated, painted with meticulous attention and where the processes go as far as to the use of cooking in a controlled environment reducing the typical lustre.
Oshima's article on tactile sensitivity compares individuals who are blind according to the onset of their visual impairments.
These challenges can range from moderate to severe--from an aversion to bright lights or the feel of anything remotely abrasive, to stopping short in panic every time a loud noise or siren is heard, or having an oral tactile sensitivity that prevents normal feeling in the mouth and hinders feeding.