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"Designers could also use it to understand better how people tactilely interact with products by monitoring sensors embedded into objects.
Mussels were located visually and tactilely. The location of the upstream and downstream extremes of sampling in each reach was documented using a Garmin eTrex[R] global positioning receiver (locations available from author).
fascination with small structures, whose limits she explores tactilely,
It is visible in daylight and tactilely readable in the dark.
Architecture and sculpture later claimed his attention until the opportunity to be tactilely involved with a material occurred when George Geyer, teaching at Santa Ana Community College in California persuaded him to enter his ceramics class.
Both Haendel and Forster make what cannot be directly, tactilely experienced physical.
The proper touch of the things of the world will cause the things to re-produce themselves in other sensory modes, as visually available light, tactilely available water, and the auditory excess of ringing sound.
The velvety leaves of common mullein and lambs ear (both available at the Fairy Market) might make great blankets or fairy upholstery, but there is something about getting to know a place tactilely that helps feed the imagination.
Or, better: tactilely (taktisch, literally "tactical") and optically" ("The Work of Art," 40).
Sobchack names the tactilely stimulated spectator "the cinesthetic subject," a term that combines cinema with the sensorial stew of synaethesia ("an 'involuntary experience in which the stimulation of one sense cause[s] a perception in another'") and coenaesthesia ("the potential and perception of one's whole sensorial being," often "used to describe the general and open sensual condition of the child at birth") (67-69; qtg.
"Sometimes it's like chewing on dust, even in a white wine--not tactilely but aromatically.
With this combination of tactilely stimulating wine and sushi rice we are sure that the pairing will give our guests a delectable treat which will, in turn, bring them back to dine at Ista, at every given opportunity."