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Griffiths links 3-D as embellishment to medieval image-making as adornment, and goes one to analyze the correspondences between the tactile quality of 3-D cinema and medieval art, both of which based their spectatorial pleasures on the promise of a multi-sensory encounter that invokes the sense of tactility and prompts viewers to reach out and "touch" the image/object on display.
There, in the sensation of being alive, the inundation of so many elements upon the body, the tactility of this wrapper--skin--spoken of as if containing something much more essential.
The simplicity of form and tactility of materials give Niqia a classic modern feel--Zurich circa 1960, perhaps.
It''s a step up from the C3, and, while much of the switchgear is carried over, there are new instruments and an elevated sense of quality and tactility.
Superfine Premium Label combines the lush tactility and perfectly balanced white shade of Mohawk Superfine with a surface technology that dramatically increases the density of the ink film and reduces dot gain on press," says Dave Van de Water, director of product and market development at Mohawk, Cohoes, NY, USA.
Essays and excerpts of longer texts from the 19th and 20th centuries examine such topics as the sense of direction, the anatomy of mysticism, the Mesmerism investigation and the crisis of sensationist science, the erotics of telepathy in the British Society for Psychical Research's experiments in intimacy, some thoughts on the afterlife from spirit photography to phantom films, the sense of being stared at, tactility and distraction, peyote and the mystic vision, and the embodiment of symbols and the acculturation of the anthropologist.
08 millimetres thick, the Starpack[R] 48-651ensures good dexterity and tactility for precise handling.
Based on the findings given by previous researchers, we presumed that the species, leaf shape, leaf tactility, and other biological factors may affects the foliage's ability to achieve noise attenuation.
Similarly, the material's natural feel combined with its resistance to abrasion and almost self-healing resistance to minor scratches met the demands for durability, tactility and quality.
RUTH - short for Robotized Unit for Tactility and Haptics - allows engineers to refine touch points in the vehicle in line with perceptions of high-quality materials to meet the widest range of customer preferences.
Jeff Elrod's paintings stubbornly refuse to satisfy the expectations for modern abstraction: the tactility of a sensitively treated surface, the facility of a deft hand and, above all, an elevated sense of purpose.
Handcrafted elements such as pleats, slats, weaves and honeycomb structures give walls, furnishings and surfaces added tactility.