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Collage invigorates the experience of tactility and time.
There are echoes of Eileen Gray in the bent metal fittings and geometrically notched screen, in the industrial tactility of the interior.
From being merely enclosed by a vault of glass on the platforms, you rise and are gradually enclosed - and involved with - the tactility of elements of structure.
Related visual high jinks animate a pair of works from Auerbach's 2008-2009 "Crumple Paintings" series, allover expanses of halftone dots that coalesce, from afar, into images of crinkled sheets of paper--Op art that acknowledges its own fugitive tactility.
With the loss of tactility and the measures and details crafted for the human body and hand, architecture becomes repulsively flat, sharp-edged, immaterial and unreal.
The Drawing Center's show, neatly (perhaps too neatly) arranged to take a viewer through the many rapid phases of Morton's oeuvre, opened with a number of such works, delicate pencil drawings from the early '70s that would seem to proceed with modular fidelity but begin almost at once to lean toward evoking soft tactility (her cubes very often more like pillows) and subsequently toward topography.
An incommensurability persists among her media: The industrially produced carpet functions much like a monochrome painting; the wood engraving enacts the tactility of fabric; and the digital video depicts an analog technology.
However, the layout emphasized the remarkable contrast between the three-dimensional tactility, performative nature, and relative abstraction of precolonial African art, and the two-dimensional flattening of space in the highly naturalistic photos and postcards by colonials, what visual anthropologist Christopher Pinney calls the colonial rationalization of space.
Through chromatic richness and luscious tactility such paintings convey not the exorcising of personal demons but something effusive and celebratory.
Hofmann's paintings, with their extraordinarily inclusive modern sensibility--the meaning and possibilities of which we seem to have forgotten in this time of trendy conceptualism--and tactility and musicality (they owe much to Kandinsky's synesthetic paintings), suggest that aesthetic experience can put us in touch with "eternity," to use his word.
Among their topics are the materiality of sensation in the art of the late Middle Ages, kalophonia and the phenomenon of embellishment in Byzantine psalmody, the smell of time: olfactory associations with the past in premodern Greece, monks baking bread and salting fish: an archaeology of early monastic ascetic taste, to touch or not to tough: erotic tactility in Byzantine literature, and bitter waters and dew of rest: corruption and creation in two late Ancient Jewish hymns.
Recently, her foray into painting on brown linen succeeds in maintaining the tactility of her brushstrokes, without losing the vibrancy of her colors (if anything, they became more agile) and that sense of place.