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Jusqu'a present, les comites jeunes, bien qu'ils demeurent une structure utile et accessible pour que les jeunes puissent apprivoiser Taction syndicale, constituent toujours des voies de contournement qui freinent le changement institutionnel en canalisant les debats et les contestations de ce groupe marginalise.
Elle comprendrait notamment la theorie de l'action en justice, qui s'interesse a la definition de Taction en justice et a sa distinction d'avec la demande en justice qui lui sert de vehicule procedural.
For almost two decades in Quebec, the social economy and social justice movements have built and consolidated its representation in the Chantier de Teconomie sociale and the Reseau quebecois de Taction communautaire autonome (RQ-ACA).
Maybe Jan de Boot's tie with the Moreel faction was based on mutual usefulness, and therefore he switched to the other faction when he could no longer exploit the Moreel taction for some reason.
Ces cadres ne considerent pas de facon explicite le role des individus pour la protection de l'environnement ou les differents facteurs qui influencent Taction humaine.
Those cordial shelves have not only seen more Taction in the last few years, but they've gotten a lot more crowded.
With Calabrio, Taction has streamlined its operations as its business continues to grow -- now finding new efficiencies, driving greater productivity and building a more employee-friendly workplace.
Either way, the Pier Head at taction will be the envy of the world, according to National Museums Liverpool director David Fleming.
O'Sullivan is a gifted taction who has played a major role in the team's transformation, but, with O'Driscoll at their disposal, even Laurel and Hardy might have made a success of the coaching job.
4) Swift parodies an entire nation of angelic Cartesians who inhabit the Flying Island of Laputa, "whose minds are so taken up with intense speculations, that they neither can speak, nor attend to the discourses of others, without being roused by some external taction upon the organs of speech and hearing" (128)
American Sign Language (ASL) * Signed English * Finger spelling * Note writing * Speech and lipreading, Tadoma for deaf-blind * Cued speech * Gestures, home signs, mime * Taction (touch) and kinesthesis (body movement) * Interpreters (sign language or oral) * Computer assisted notetaking (CAN) * Real time captioning * Communication access systems: devices used to enhance listening in rooms, lecture halls, and other large group facilities - e.