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H]e would always give it straight, tactlessly, without "wrapping it in cotton".
He had overreacted to Tito's actions and tactlessly lobbied Congress to repeal Yugoslav trade sanctions, even personally appealing to President Kennedy.
Yes, Tantawy may seem to have done so tactlessly and arbitrarily, but in the final analysis, the move sends an important and clear message (albeit symbolic because the niqab won't come off overnight) that the niqab is not an Islamic practice and that the extremists who promote it are following an interpretation of religion that flies in the face of the moderate, balanced message of Islam.
After praising the Essays of Elia in the Quarterly Review, Southey pointed out tactlessly that Lamb's collection "only wanted a saner religious feeling to be as delightful as it was original" (193).
Deputy Chairman of opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Oktay Vural, who spoke tactlessly about President Abdullah Gul's remarks (we should not bury our heads in the sand), said doors were closed to a move on Kurdish issue.
His social skills are limited, especially as he tactlessly says what he's thinking.
That worked well enough until, on the occasion of another inter-Sikh row which I had to sort out, I evidently did it tactlessly and caused him to lose face and that got him back on the brandy and eventually he arrived very late at the DO's bungalow, armed and threatening to shoot me and my family.
Poor dears, they were actually very nice, and on their way to Paraguay (Lota tactlessly groaned when they told her) and now there is a revolution going on there already.
However, when the father-to-be tactlessly reveals Roxy is moving out, Ronnie fears she may well be losing her sister.
In his panic he not only reveals the existence of Triamour but also tactlessly declares that even the ugliest maiden who serves his mistress is more beautiful than Guinevere.
The most recent ad points out quite tactlessly that John Kroger has only recently passed the Oregon Bar exam.
Tactlessly, the Polish MEP, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EPP-ED,) had justified, on 21 November, in front of journalists, the impossibility of the Polish government to fully subscribe to the Charter of Fundamental Rights for a legal reason (see Europolitics 3414).