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Buckingham shared Somerset's haughty tactlessness but combined his own astute political intelligence with the elderly king's decline of the 1620s to commandeer aspects of James's foreign policy, which until that time had been the king's sole preserve.
Recklessness or indifference, like fearlessness, tactlessness, boredom, or confidence, is a state of mind which denotes a positive lack of its opposite, whether this opposite be regard, care, fear, tact, interest, or doubt.
Louie' Brereton pulls no punches," Baldwin concluded; "he is aggressive and quick in sizing up a tactical and strategic situation and he can be frank to the point of tactlessness.
14) He later recognised the tactlessness of this choice of words and admitted that he would `never live that down'.
However, the two rebels soon ran into trouble because Gerhardt was rather brash and his tactlessness combined with Laurent's sharp tongue and revolutionary ideas resulted in them being ostracized [7].
What he calls honesty is just monumental tactlessness.
Steel, in its timing and tactlessness, had been fantastically stupid in its public relations.
Critical tactlessness and lack of discrimination, accompanied by a seemingly pathological ill-will, manifest themselves especially clearly in Bondarenko's provocative claim that "mankurt, in essence, is taken entirely from Kekilbayev's 'Ballad of Forgotten Years.
Although Tambu faults Nyasha for tactlessness and lack of respect for Babamukuru, she is profoundly disturbed by his
The stereotypical Kikuyu, and it was a stereotype widely recognised inside and outside Kenya, combined above average ability with unpuncturable conceit and tactlessness.
Yes, such tactlessness cannot be seen in people from across the world who have different religions and cultures," GE-len said.
New Tricks BBC One, 9pm Nicholas Lyndhurst's character Dan appears to be fitting into the Ucos team pretty well - maybe because of the strength of his first outing, he seems to combine Jack's grumpiness with Brian's tactlessness.