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Tactual picture identification by blind and sighted people: Effects of providing categorical information.
Where the verbal repertoire cannot be utilized (for example, in the case of certain scientific concepts for which learners have a less established, or no, entering repertoire), instruction would need to be very different if the targeted outcome was establishing a tactual relation rather than a paired-associate or equivalence relation.
Materials transmit a wonderfully diverse range of sensorial information--whether visual, tactual, acoustic, olfactory or gustatory.
Northrop and Swift originally teamed four years ago to offer the KillerBee-4 aircraft for the small tactual UAS (STUAS)/Tier II contract.
Improvement of tactual symbols for blind children: final report", Louisville: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
His accent is unapologetically Reformed: "the church exists in assembly anywhere the Word is faithfully preached and the sacraments rightly administered, whether in or out of churches that lay claim to tactual continuity with the first apostles".
Use of the Tactual Performance Test for cognitive ability testing with African children.
The means and standard deviations for the average z score (from age-specific normative data) for 11 major neuropsychological procedures (average finger agnosia, both hands), Category Test, Tactual Performance Test: dominant and nondominant hand; Finger Tap: dominant and nondominant hand; Foot Tap: dominant and nondominant foot; Rey Figure: copy and recall after 30 min), and Auditory Closure were -0.
Eleven participants (61%) reported that they were very good at creating auditory imagery, 8 (44%) reported that they were very good at creating olfactory imagery, 7 (39%) reported that they were very good at receiving gustatory imagery, and 11 (61%) reported that they were very good at creating tactual imagery and had very good tactile sensitivity.
Children who experience loving tactual experiences visualize themselves as warm, sensitive people (Burgoon & Saine, 1978; Montagu, 1971; Weiss, 1984).
This quotation from novelist Margaret Atwood might well be the motto for the exhibition Tactual Explorations at the North Light Gallery, Armitage Bridge, this week.
36 onschoolbooks read by (small) students in Grades 4-5 (a) The tachistoscope in this study was a machine-paced device, controlled by the investigator, that projected a tactual stimulus to the finger of participants.