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To play tag through the tree tops is an exciting and inspiring pastime.
He slunk forlornly through the deserted camp, smelling the rubbish-heaps and the discarded rags and tags of the gods.
They called me Teresa at my baptism, a plain, simple name, without any additions or tags or fringes of Dons or Donas; Cascajo was my father's name, and as I am your wife, I am called Teresa Panza, though by right I ought to he called Teresa Cascajo; but 'kings go where laws like,' and I am content with this name without having the 'Don' put on top of it to make it so heavy that I cannot carry it; and I don't want to make people talk about me when they see me go dressed like a countess or governor's wife; for they will say at once, 'See what airs the slut gives herself
In contrast, items that individuals tag with descriptive labels are grouped by categories on personal Web pages that can be kept private or made public, are accessible through any online computer at school or at home, can easily be e-mailed to students and colleagues, and continue to be available online even if machines crash or are replaced.
And packages and letters will carry electronic tags that send messages about where they are.
Turn the tag in to the first element of your chain of command that has a Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) computer.
Using the Iridium network of global satellites, the prototype is a combination unit that includes a traditional RFID tag along with global positioning system and satellite capabilities, giving defense transportation personnel access to the tag's location--within feet of its exact position.
Having the ability to create an XBRL document along with any necessary company taxonomy extensions all within Microsoft Office, Rivet's Dragon Tag marks the next generation of user-friendly XBRL software," said Paul Penler, chair of XBRL U.
The object type identifies a tag as being a pallet tag, a case tag, an innerpack tag, or a unit tag," Moser explained.
Normally on an exercise, we would tag about one-third to one-half of our equipment.