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To play tag through the tree tops is an exciting and inspiring pastime.
He sends for your theater tickets, and pays for them; he sends for any possible article you can require, be it a doctor, an elephant, or a postage stamp; and when you leave, at last, you will find a subordinate seated with the cab-driver who will put you in your railway compartment, buy your tickets, have your baggage weighed, bring you the printed tags, and tell you everything is in your bill and paid for.
O yes, I have lost him now--again because of--you!" In writhing, with her head on the chair, she turned her face towards the door, and Mrs Brooks could see the pain upon it; and that her lips were bleeding from the clench of her teeth upon them, and that the long lashes of her closed eyes stuck in wet tags to her cheeks.
He slunk forlornly through the deserted camp, smelling the rubbish-heaps and the discarded rags and tags of the gods.
Then the tag is attached, and a small sample of the fish is taken for the purposes of genetic research.
Our tags include the required New York state license (which provides only a registration number and the name of our town, but this could be a start for someone); a rabies vaccination tag (that vaccination is required in every state in the United States we want people to know that our dog is not a health threat); and a standard identification tag with our contact information on it.
[UKPRwire, Wed Oct 31 2018] Global Hang Tag Applicators - Market Overview: The tags are the necessity of all the end-use products to keep an identification code that defines the product in detail and also displays the price on it.
Louis Tag developed a tag that speeds up service time when bags are checked.
David Spencer, of thinktank the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: "When you are paying PS1million a week to tag criminals, the minimum you expect is to tag the right person."
National Band & Tag is a family owned business since 1902 and is reaching out from their family to yours.
From 12 noon on Saturday 17 June 2017 until 9:00am on Monday 19 June 2017, tag manufacturers will not be able to seek authorisation from DAERA to produce new or replacement cattle tags.
In this experiment four parameters are considered: tag quantity, orientation, distance, and material.