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In sum, the Brazilian case is interesting for three reasons: i) the issuance of non-voting shares is widespread; ii) there is a large wedge between voting rights and cash flow rights held by controlling shareholders (10); and, iii) the country witnessed exogenous events (two changes in corporate law) as well as endogenous ones (voluntary granting of tag along rights by firms willing to improve their corporate governance practices) that changed the level of tag along rights throughout the research period (1995 to 2006).
Interestingly, some young hetero couples also tag along, feeling more at ease with hip same-sexers than with the seniors who frequent more mainstream sightseeing companies.
I'm planning to tag along with a botany expedition to a Samoan island and am reading up on the place.
Try being more secretive about dates so he won't have the opportunity to tag along - and widen your circle of friends.
Sutherland says that throughout the funding ordeal British scientists have urged ODP to expel them in order to show their governmenta that they can't tag along for free.