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4) that cleans up the errors on tagger output has failed and that it has failed on unknown words--where we may have expected it (or hoped for it) to perform better.
edu) has selected Semio Tagger to organize and provide easy access to articles in online scientific publications.
Most graffiti taggers are aged 16-18 and come from well off families, said Coun Mullaney.
Police say most local taggers share the following characteristics:
Council chiefs say people who report a tagger through the scheme will be rewarded with pounds 50 if the information leads to reparation, reprimand, final warning, fixed penalty or conviction Coun David Bell, cabinet member for community services and environment, said graffiti would not be tolerated.
Crime Stoppers CEO Samantha Hunter said young Victorians were more likely to have information about taggers and the new campaign would give people the opportunity to speak up and support a safer, cleaner Victoria.
This system will be a deterrent for taggers," said Steve Leffert of the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council.
Anyone who would like to Blag A Tagger should go to the council's website and fill out the online registration form at www.
assigns morphosyntactic tags to words (with the YnT tagger, (Brants, 2000))
Taggers who are arrested will be charged with criminal damage and brought before the court.
To exemplify somebody who is a tagger is to exemplify somebody who is a criminal," Carlson said.
Measles, a wireless-phone-company salesman who is not a tagger, said he can understand why some people initially might not like the mural.