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The introduction of Visual Tagger continues our progress in making the world's most powerful tag management solution the easiest to use.
Knowledge Management Suite comes with auto- tagger, tag suggestions and advanced metadata navigations
2007) for Czech, also using a rich positional tagset, where several stochastic taggers are combined with a rule based one; the rule based tagger is used predominantly as a pre-disambiguation step, to filter out unacceptable tags from the ambiguity classes of the tokens.
Taggers also have been known to invent their own letters or symbols, often adding to the confusion over the message and the author.
Hitting retail shelves this month, the LAZER TAG 2-IN-1 system brings the action to life with tactile elements that allow players to customize their taggers and actually feel the thrilling game of electronic tag.
Available now on iTunes, the Sealy In Bed Tagger app is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.
But he is not wrong that taggers - regardless of age - are criminals and terrorists who silently launch destructive assaults nightly on helpless communities, frightening residents, destroying property values and declaring their disdain for law and order.
We have therefore chosen to undertake both courses of action in order to create a robust version of Croatian PoS/MSD tagger that would be able to provide us with high-quality MSD-annotated Croatian language resources automatically.
Police and public works developed a shared database that tracks trends and stores evidence, allowing investigators to build bigger cases against taggers.
We want the taggers to face the full force of the law, and this campaign will help bring them to justice.
It's unfortunate, however, that rather than developing a program or law enforcement tool especially designed for fighting taggers, he's simply trying use the formula for gang injunctions with "gang" crossed out and "tagger" inserted.
We can see that our meta-tagger exhibits around 4%-5% overall improvement over the two underlying taggers (i.