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I know they're not very good at their maths over at Ibrox but I'm interested to see what criteria they follow to constitute a tainted title.
The number of tainted ministers in the cabinet has gone up to 15 or 16 of the total 66," Congress communication department chief Ajay Maken said.
Food maker Maruha Nichiro Holdings used full-page ads in major newspapers Wednesday apologizing and warning consumers not to eat any of the tainted food, including pizza, croquettes and pancakes manufactured at a factory in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo.
Tainted Elegance is sure to give readers the courage to overcome their past.
The company said tainted whey protein had been exported to China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.
Following the admission by New Zealand's Fonterra that it discovered three batches of whey ingredient made at its local plant tainted by the bacteria that causes botulism, the Ministry of Primary Industries announced on Saturday the recall of Karicare Gold+ Follow On Formula Stage 2 (6-12 months) with batch number D3183, which turned out have been isolated in an Auckland warehouse, a shop and storage facility in Australia.
Government and financial records regarding the tainted shipments were also made public as the tainted meat supplies were incinerated.
The guidelines for decontamination work require contractors to store tainted substances at the decontamination site or at temporary storage sites, the report added.
Also, the FDA announced a new RSS feed to alert consumers when a tainted product is identified and established new ways for industry to report products suspected of being tainted, either by sending an e-mail to TaintedProducts@fda.
Mike Dorricott, a colleague at Tainted Blood, last night led tributes to Mr Lewis, saying: "He was quite ill, but you would never be able to tell by looking at him.
Mike Dorricott, a colleague at Tainted Blood, said: "He was quite ill, but youwould never be able to tell by looking at him.
JENNY Meadows admits Caster Semenya will be tainted forever by the controversy surrounding her World Championship victory.