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The presumptions work to transmute the expenses of the research in 1993 into tainted lobbying expenditures and shift the burden to the IRS for the years 1990-1992 to show that these expenses were also in support of a lobbying communication.
Hence, a dissenting member is placed in the incongruous position of having tainted lobbying activities attributed to his employer, even if the member vigorously opposes the action taken by the association.
No one knows either how long most of these tanks have leaked or the typical MTBE concentrations in tainted aquifers, he explains.
Lakes and streams have been tainted with MTBE-treated gasoline spewed by two-stroke engines such as those that power personal watercraft.
Foods vary in their susceptibility to agents that cause taints. Fat-soluble compounds migrate easily to fats, oils and fatty foods, whereas water-soluble compounds migrate to aqueous foods.
The investigators learned that the odor of the packaging itself was often not a reliable indicator of a taint that had been perceived.
If the odor or flavor of a foodstuff is foreign to the product, then the question is a matter of taint.
The book begins with chapters on sensory and instrumental methods for detecting and analysing taints and off-flavours in food.
(2) The nontriggered mode of stack buffer vulnerabilities: in this mode, ECX is tainted, thus triggering potential stack buffer vulnerabilities.
Controlled jump usually refers to the fact that taint data is used for return address, function pointer, and destination address, etc.
TaintScope [8] is a Checksum-Aware Directed Fuzzing tool that can automatically identify the checksum points based on the taint analysis technique.
In this paper, a checksum-aware fuzzing assistant tool (CAFA) is designed to identify the checksum point automatically based on taint analysis.