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Introduction; Sensory analytical methods in detecting taints and off-flavours in food; Instrumental methods in detecting taints and off-flavours; Packaging materials as a source of taints; Microbiologically derived off-flavours; Oxidative rancidity as a source of off-flavours; The Maillard reaction as a source of off-flavours; Off-flavours due to intgeractions between food components: Taints from cleaning and disinfecting agents.
Traditional methods for analyzing taints in foods include instrumental headspace gas chromatography, headspace gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas chromatography-sniffing systems and human sensory evalution.
Indeed, she notes, the average 50 parts per trillion (ppt) dioxin concentration--and the maximum of 258 ppt--that the team measured in the fat of Finnish women's breast milk are within the range at which dioxin taints fat, including that in breast milk, in the U.