take action

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He said that strict action would be taken against traffic officials who would not take action against violations of traffic rules.
Ditch your vision board with images of your perfect life and roll up your sleeves, take action and create some reactions.
Achieving goals is easy as long as we take action after we set them.
Talking to the media persons here on Friday, the federal minister asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take action against dual nationality holders and who, hided their assets like fake degree issues.
While removing the defamatory material will limit the effects of the comments, there may already have been sufficient damage to reputation, even resulting in financial loss, that the business or organisation can decide to take action against the person who posted the material.
The citizens of our early colonies rose up to physically take action against taxes they thought were unjust.
The idea that I was supposed to take action without knowing what to do and with no organized plan to determine the right action irritated me.