take disciplinary action

See: condemn, punish
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The Group has been unable to take disciplinary action against a number of individuals who left the Group prior to the settlements.
One member of the FA's inclusion advisory board (IAB), equality campaigner Edward Lord, has obtained a legal opinion that the FA could take disciplinary action but Dyke reaffirmed that will not take place.
In the circumstances, the Plaintiffs plead that the UNP has expressly waived the right, if any, to take disciplinary action against all candidates nominated by the SLMC inclusive of the Plaintiffs.
It seems unfair on the others who have made an extra effort that these should get away with this and therefore we would like to know if it is possible for us to take disciplinary action against them?
2 The professional ethics executive committee and the Board of Directors may jointly approve certain governmental agencies and other organizations whose disciplinary actions against a member will permit the Institute to take disciplinary action against that member without a hearing.