take evasive action

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She is unable to take evasive action because there's a car in the next lane as well and she did not observe the defendant take any evasive action either.
Sydney: Australian authorities were on Saturday investigating how two Qantas passenger planes got so close that it triggered a collision warning alert, forcing them to take evasive action.
Early indications are that our driver tried to take evasive action and that he alerted passengers.
THE pilot of a police helicopter had to take evasive action after a laser beam was shone into his cockpit.
And, according to the latest figures, four out of 10 motorists will have to take evasive action to avoid hitting one.
As the player walked up a set of stairs towards the dressingroom a spectator apparently said something to him and Afridi reacted by appearing to push his bat at the person in an aggressive manner, causing the spectator to take evasive action.