take origin

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It also may take origin from left gastric, middle colic, or left hepatic artery [11].
In one brain on left side, orbitofrontal artery and prefrontal artery were seen to take origin from M1 segment side by side giving appearance of early division of MCA (Early pseudotrifurcation).
In woodcreepers the fleshy fibers take origin from both components (Donatelli, 1997) in the Pt D Med, while in Philydorinae (Donatelli and Marceliano, 2007) there is notable three and four components aponeurosis of insertion, but the origin is from fleshy fibers.
They were found to take origin either from unusually high level of aorta or from the renal artery.
In our study the artery did not take origin from the axillary artery.
Both sternohyoid & sternothyroid muscles take origin from posterior aspect of manubrium of sternum.