take possession

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But before I can resume my natural form, and take possession of the belongings of my forefathers, you must go out into the world and take service as a maidservant.
Finally, leading him out of the church they carried him to the judgment seat and seated him on it, and the duke's majordomo said to him, "It is an ancient custom in this island, senor governor, that he who comes to take possession of this famous island is bound to answer a question which shall be put to him, and which must he a somewhat knotty and difficult one; and by his answer the people take the measure of their new governor's wit, and hail with joy or deplore his arrival accordingly.
First, it is striking, indeed in this age of historical writing amazing, that nowhere in this work does the author ask what kind of person could take possession, and even more important, what type of person had to submit to a valid possession.