take responsibility

See: underwrite
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The Canadian journalist further added that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to the media and said Sarai "has and will" take responsibility for inviting Atwal, adding that, Sarai will not be kicked out of caucus.
PMJT spoke to media at 3:30pm IST - said @randeepssarai "has and will" take responsibility for inviting Atwal.
If, against all odds, warring military leaders took responsibility for the sins of their armies, and officials took responsibility for corruption, then the shopkeepers of the Middle East may likewise follow suit and take responsibility as well, making the Middle East the kind of peaceful, trusting place it was meant to be.
However, Ancelotti believes errors come from his goalkeeper wanting to take responsibility for his penalty area, which the Italian views as a positive attribute.
Is it fair to have to take responsibility for things that are not your fault?
We've always said we expect the Board of Supervisors to take responsibility and that we expect open community participation,'' Mayberg said.
For him, the key question is: Given that certain people can't or won't take responsibility for themselves, what do we do?
It is my contention that the obligation of following one's conscience consists in the obligation to take responsibility for one's actions whether those actions are mistaken or not.
The School for Young Politicians is just one of many organizations preparing young Ukrainians to take responsibility.
We offer last minute delivery systems and take responsibility for the physical transfer of the tickets.
If the minor does not take responsibility, then the DA will make a decision about whether to file charges or refer him or her to school authorities for action,'' Pipkin said.
These are all people we trust, but I take responsibility for what happened.