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Etebu made the disclosure at the Kurutie take-off campus of NMU, Okerenkoko, where about 1,300 prospective academic staff shortlisted from over 6,000 applications, were interviewed for recruitment.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] Jan 10 ( ANI ): An Indigo flight on Tuesday night returned back to the Mumbai airport due to an engine failure just after the take-off.
The plane's flight map showing its return shortly after take-off
Since then air traffic controllers have been banned from using the phrase "Not cleared for take-off " or any similar negative instruction that includes the words "takeoff ".
We can interpret the presence of the take-off board as a disturbing factor in running speed.
On Tuesday, a BA 777 was evacuated just before take-off from Las Vegas after an engine caught fire.
2008) have shown that the backstroke start movement initiated with upper limb muscles, and the lower limb muscles contributed maximally during the take-off and underwater phase.
The United Nations is seeking air transport services utilizing light, single engine, short take-off and landing
We all know the most dangerous parts of a flight are take-off and landing.
An Emirates flight EK413 from Sydney to Dubai on Sunday turned around shortly after take-off due to an engine fault, the company said in a statement.
It said: "A take-off with inadequate thrust and speed could lead to a loss of control.
A jet carrying 286 passengers was forced to slam on the brakes and abort a take-off after another plane began taxiing toward the same runway, US aviation officials have said.