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The contract is for the implementation of forest services in Lopien Forestry in 2015 under the Takeoff attached hereto.
By the time everyone figured out what had happened, Dash 3 was at 145 knots and elected to continue their takeoff.
1990) Techniques used by elite long jumpers in preparation for takeoff.
But) as soon as our patrollers realised the GoAir aircraft was still on the runway, we asked the Kingfisher plane to abort takeoff," he said, adding that the Kingfisher plane was to takeoff at 1.
The JAL plane stopped after about 500 meters following an order from the tower to abort takeoff.
On takeoff, pilots reach a point of no return, known as V1 speed, which is usually reached about two seconds before take-off.
Because of "brownout" conditions caused by sandstorms common in the area, the briefing items included an instrument takeoff.
In referring to chronic weight problems with the short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) version of the JSF, the secretary said, ".
The MyTravel pilot aborted takeoff and performed an emergency stop of his Airbus A321 craft.
To prepare for takeoff, have your class create a giant data table.
An Air Algerie Boeing 737 crashes minutes after takeoff from Tamanrasset, an airport deep in the Sahara Desert, killing 102 people on board, including 7 French citizens.
Grip heights, takeoff angles, takeoff points, takeoff velocity, takeoff mechanics, experience, and confidence are all factors that directly contribute to the proper bending of the flexible pole.