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Non-white test takers receive lower scores than white test takers.
Trophy Taker marks Arcus Hunting's fifth investment in the archery space since November 2014.
LEVEL, says: For fashion sales agents, our Tablet Order Taker is one of the most empowering mobile wholesale ordering solutions available.
The petitioner told the court all the persons including former care taker PM had extended unqualified apology.
For example, what happens when a Taker reads his book and decides to disguise himself as a Giver to get ahead?
Nadeem said the ongoing situation and the indecisive role of the care taker Chairman have put a question mark on many cricket related issues which are not being decided and the PCB is in a powerless phase which is unfortunate for cricket.
Despite the number of studies that have investigated test takers' approaches and experiences, there have been few studies to date that have systematically researched both L1 and L2 test taker experiences simultaneously.
After the shooting incident, when she was brought to hospital, Tracey confided how she had hidden under a chair in the bus after the hostage taker was killed.
The new regulations also reiterate the type of credit rating deposit takers with liabilities of more than $20 million must have.
If tolls were eliminated on one side of the bridge and doubled on the other, the same amount of revenue would be collected overall, and delays would be cut by more than 50%, since extra toll takers would be transferred to places on the collection side.
It's a great feeling to know I've won the title of best penalty taker in the country.
The console should contain phone headsets for at least two people to allow a primary and secondary negotiator simultaneously to hear the hostage taker.