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C-Mold 2000," the company's first simulation product developed specifically for Windows, also takes aim at the solver and ease-of-use limitations that have held CAE back in the past.
The Guide also takes aim at "the close financial ties between defense contractors and universities" which pose "a serious threat to academic freedom," as University of Pittsburgh graduate and 1992 UCP summer intern Erin Bush argues.
A group of Japanese agricultural researchers has now made an advance that takes aim at one of the most serious rice scourges.
When he isn't taking gratuitous swipes at Gates, Stephens takes aim at others who figured prominently in the creation of the personal computer industry.
BLADE runner Oscar Pistorius takes aim and blasts a watermelon to bits during target practice with the pistol that killed his lover months later.
LIGHTS, CAMERAS, REACTION: Capello takes aim yesterday and stares down snappers, below left
Longtime Southern Section wrestling power Highland, denied a fourth consecutive Golden League championship this season, takes aim at a fifth section title today, when the Bulldogs and league champion Antelope Valley compete in the Div.
One approach takes aim at a problematic enzyme called neutrophil elastase, secreted in massive amounts by well-intentioned but over-stimulated white blood cells in the lungs of CF patients.
The book takes aim at Muslim puritans and discourses on how extremist factions of Islam blatantly defy the true values of the religion.