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It takes courage to express your power and fulfil your potential.
To say that it takes courage to burgle someone's house really makes us despair.
But it takes courage to fight a fight you might lose.
Death can pierce the thickest skin, But good life requires discipline, It takes courage to express what's within, Hollow pride is not medicine Toughest cookie in the jar, Arrogant driver in the widest car, Psychic stocks at the mind bazaar, The darkest theatre needs the brightest star.
Beckham confessed it takes courage for him to strip off as an underwear model.
It takes courage to fight for a cause till your dying day.
It takes courage to write a long work that treads the difficult ground of what took place in Germany and Poland before and during the war, and it also takes courage to unravel the "living" Icelandic lore of life once again.
It takes courage to dissect a belief and to question views held so strongly but it is necessary.
It takes courage to stand up to the extremist wing of one's own party, not to mention the loons at the ACLU, especially when doing the right thing.
It takes courage to recognize our dignity, courage to recognize our rights.
It takes courage to break through barriers and build a better world for future generations,'' said Mayor Henry Hearns, standing in front of several photos of airplanes at the announcement ceremony Monday.
It takes courage to redirect funds from these events toward activities that bring about real progress and do so without de-emphasizing the importance of cultural events.