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On the theory of natural selection, we can clearly understand why she should not; for natural selection can act only by taking advantage of slight successive variations; she can never take a leap, but must advance by the shortest and slowest steps.
By simply taking advantage of SWALEC's free offer households could enjoy annual savings on their energy bills of up to pounds 310.
In the meantime, the threat of black outs and brown outs can be minimized by taking advantage of utility load reduction programs that provide cash incentives for customers to reduce energy consumption.
Although all of the city's senior citizen centers were open Saturday to provide air-conditioned relief from the sweltering heat outside, city staff reported few seniors taking advantage of it.
This support will enable organizations to run their critical COBOL business systems while taking advantage of the scalability and security of OpenVMS as well as the reliability and performance of the HP Integrity server platform, built on the Intel Itanium 2 architecture.
Also, many companies do not have a line of credit that can be used to meet cash flow timing differences, such as seasonal inventory buildup or taking advantage of vendor discounts.
Taking advantage of the Small Business Administration's 8(a) program, SLR grew its clientele to include the U.
A RECENT STUDY by Excite@Home reveals that broadband users are a different breed than narrowband users: They are more likely to spend additional time browsing the Web, taking advantage of e-commerce, and exploring streaming video and audio on the Internet.
At the core of this agreement is the company's intention to increase the already considerable NetWare integration of eMAIL by taking advantage of NetWare 4.
Taking advantage of several eclipses of Pluto by its moon Charon during the past several years, astronomers have constructed a new map of the surface brightness of the distant, frozen planet.
Boca Developers is one of many smart builders who are taking advantage of a mold prevention protocol before mold takes advantage of them.
Financing activity through April continued to demonstrate that cooperative and condominium boards are pursuing needed financing by taking advantage of their increasing property values in a low-interest rate lending environment," commented Mr.