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There may just be 19 cars on the track today when practice and qualifying begins, but it's a deep field of 19, with a pack of both veteran and young drivers taking aim at defending Long Beach and Champ Car World Series season champ Sebastien Bourdais.
Yet, even here, Puryear seems to be taking aim at something (a "deadeye" is a very good shot), maybe at the morbid spirit of Vessel.
CCTV shows the hooded raider taking aim and cocking the gun's hammer as he demands cash.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the state convention wrapped up Sunday, with surprisingly strong numbers of party members taking aim at some of the governor's economic policies.
Christensen said Kopin's CyberDisplay microdisplays followed the examples of successful disruptive technology: they were first introduced for simple camcorder viewfinder applications, and now with improved performance, they are taking aim at the emerging mobile video market requiring superior image quality.
BEIJING is taking aim at its smelly rubbish tips - by using water cannons to fire liquid deodorant on its worstoffending landfill sites.
We're taking aim on the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and we just want to go out there and bring back the big thing, the big ring, out here to the great state of Texas.
With such sales momentum, many All Star analysts are taking aim at this retailer.
Jared Wonser, 6, had only one thought on his mind as he circled the snow field, taking aim at his brother Dylan, 3.
This time David Barry is taking aim in a strident effort to reform California's real estate industry to provide for better disclosure and greater surety for the general public.
But I don't think us taking aim at the championship is at all unrealistic.
HONG KONG -- Taking aim at the rapidly expanding light emitting diode (LED) market in the United States, Asia's high brightness LED maker, COTCO International Limited, today announced the expansion of its U.