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v. to gain or obtain possession, including the receipt of a legacy from an estate, getting title to real property, or stealing an object.

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TAKE. This is a technical expression which signifies to be entitled to; as, a devisee will take under the will. To take also signifies to seize, as to take and carry away.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He explained that the main aim of DBKL taking back the community halls' management is to rectify the flaws left behind by the old BN government.
Gandhi, a member of the Indian parliament who is widely seen as the contender to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the general elections later this year, added that "I'm also taking back the idea that I've seen here in Dubai of tolerance...
"Taking Back Detroit" is part of MSU Museum's Main Gallery.
A key part of "taking back control" was ending uncontrolled immigration from the 27 other EU member states in to the UK.
Also on Thursday, the Syrian Army and popular forces took back more districts from the militant groups in the Southwestern parts of Darayya, and prepared for taking back the railway station.
Meanwhile, Swat Action Committee demanded from the federal government to issued notification of taking back the decision of extension of custom act to Malakand Division.
It offers taking back control of our sovereignty and democracy with Parliament our supreme law maker whom we can dismiss if we do not like and our courts the dispensers of justice and upholders of our laws which cannot be overruled by any European court.
Anyone who has followed the career of Taking Back Sunday knows the band dealt with a lot of change and disruption in its lineup over the course of its first five albums.
Taking back the two major eastern oil terminals could make available around 500,000 more barrels a day of crude for export, though shipments may still face technical delays and past deals have been slowed by subsequent political disagreements.
The Comptroller and Auditor General of India had earlier pulled up the petroleum ministry for not taking back the area from Mukesh Ambani- run RIL.
"I am looking forward to taking back the reins of the footnoted business and working with our customers and subscribers to find new ways to invigorate the footnoted brand," Michelle Leder, president of Financial Fineprint, said.
However, Australian officials say the agreement does not include taking back nuclear waste generated by the reactor.