taking hold

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With this trend taking hold, an increasing percentage of the simulation time is being consumed by testbench and less in design, even further exasperating the testbench performance bottleneck.
But most leaders agreed an era of good feelings might be taking hold.
With its current plan for the future just taking hold, Stopol's potential and long-term prospects for growth are substantial.
Cardinal Roger Mahony, in his annual Lenten message for the Catholic Common Ground Initiative, focused on what he feels is ``a spirit of harsh judgment, bitterness and disunity'' taking hold in the church in America.
Pay for performance programs, which tie a portion of physician contract compensation to achievement of certain clinical measures and other criteria, are taking hold and are likely to have secondary impacts.
Thanks to conflict resolution - a mediation technique taking hold on school playgrounds and classrooms across the nation - students and teachers in California are increasingly learning the benefits of working through their feelings without fighting.
Many years and scientific tests later, the technology is taking hold with a new breakthrough commercial product, an environmentally friendly way to keep ants -- even fire ants -- out of dog and cat food dishes, hummingbird feeders and potted plants.